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Megan Parrish

How the dog I didn't want became the dog I'd always dreamed of

Coal%20and%20Megan%202.jpgI spent weeks going to shelters and looking at puppies. I had found my perfect dog, a sweet little girl, blue eyes, half black lab, half husky, fur as dark as night, she had my heart. I showed up early the morning she was finally available to adopt and take home, she was gone, her foster family kept her. Crushed like a kid that had just lost, well, my puppy, I was done and I didn't even want a dog anymore. The woman who had seen me day after day stopped me at the door and said please don't go just wait here. She returned with this male puppy (I wanted a girl), and he was so timid (I wanted a social animal). But I took him home anyway not knowing if it would even work out. But it did, I can not deny what a blessing Coal has been in my life. I couldn't imagine how empty my heart would be had he never filled it. He has been my constant companion since day one.