Protect the Future

The Protect the Future campaign was established to educate doctors and increase their awareness and knowledge of the porphyrias.

in the past, we trained many experts as part of the PTF program. Now, however, we are focusing on primary care doctors and specialists who treat patients every day but lack the knowledge they need to diagnose and treat properly.

Through our education programs, grand rounds and doctor packets, physicians can gain the knowledge they will need to care for the porphyria patient population now and for decades to come.

Protect the Future is a separate fundraising campaign with its own specific needs. We are seeking additional donations for the specific purpose of training new Porphyria specialists and educating more physicians on porphyria.

You and I are pulled in so many directions for our donations, such as police leagues, schools,sports teams, etc. But rarely will we be presented with an opportunity to affect the course of our own lives and those of our children. Please consider a donation or fundraiser to support this important goal of enhancing porphyria physician education.

Let’s work together to bring more educated primary care doctors and specialists into our lives. We are so very fortunate to have the few Porphyria experts who are presently in the field. Now we can protect our own future by adding more doctors who have gained knowledge of porphyrias.

Donate now!
Please make a note that you are donating to the Protect the Future campaign so that we can allocate those funds appropriately.