Jessica Melton

Type of Porphyria

Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP)

Jessica Melton

Jessica Melton started having bouts of terrible pain in her belly along with other symptoms shortly after puberty. Her parents would take her to the emergency room when she was sick, yet the symptoms would often disappear just as mysteriously as they had appeared, making any diagnosis a challenge.

The first treatment Jessica received was a glucose IV, which she got repeatedly over about two years, up until the time she started receiving Panhematin at age 19. Now Jessica receives Panhematin regularly to keep her symptoms at bay, and for the most part she is feeling much better. In fact she has been feeling so well that she is just getting her own business off the ground—she has started her own line of personalized gift baskets as part of her mother's gift basket business and is making a strong start.

In an effort to translate her own difficulties into benefit for others, Jessica has generously promised to donate a portion of every sale she makes through her Make Someone's Day Today line of gift baskets to the American Porphyria Foundation. The APF is grateful for the support. We owe our continued existence to people like Jessica, who recognize the importance of reliable education and research on the porphyrias and are willing to help.

Jessica would also like to thank her parents for standing by her throughout her illness and today, and her doctor, who has been kind and understanding, and willing to help her find answers and treatment.

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