Toy Collins

Type of Porphyria

Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP)

This story is about my husband, it started when he was 18 the doctors told him he had bleeding ulcers but couldn't actually find them. He has had numerous surgeries, gallbladder, exploratory, like eighteen in all! He has been accused of seeking drugs, being crazy and actually liking the attention he gets from being ill.

Last week after being turned down for any help in the ER at our local hospital my husband went to the Dr to ask for help. Dr. Emerson listened to my husband and told him he would like to do a test. My husband has been to every hospital in Oklahoma City, Scott and White Hospital in Temple Texas, even doctors with herbs, what was one more test. The test came back positive for porphyria (something we had never heard of).

Finally after all these years an answer. On the 19th he has another appointment where we'll find out more about porphyria.