CMS Temporary Guidelines for Home Infusion/Injection

  • Friday, April 3, 2020

A new CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) temporary guideline released on Monday gives acute porphyria patients who are Medicare (Part B and D) beneficiaries the opportunity to receive Panhematin infusions or Givlaari injections at home. The temporary changes were made to ensure that patients have access to care while remaining safely at home adhering to CDC guidelines.

CMS provided two temporary pathways through with patients can receive medical care in their home:

  1. Telehealth/Home Health Agency: The treating provider would contract with an entity (home care agency, etc) to administer Part B drug to patients in their home. If direct physician supervision is required, it would be performed through telemedicine (video, audio or both as needed).
  2. Homebound/Home health beneficiaries with conditions that present increased COVID-19 risk: CMS temporarily expanded the definition of “home bound” to include patients w/ heightened risk justifying a “stay home” recommendation. The treating physician would certify that the patient is at heightened risk, including complying with CDC social distancing guidelines. 

Please contact your physician to begin the process for this service if you qualify.