COVID-19 and Porphyria Vaccine Statement

  • Friday, January 15, 2021

The American Porphyria Foundation will continue to share updates regarding COVID-19 in collaboration with the expert physicians of the Porphyrias Consortium and our pharmaceutical partners.

In general, patients with porphyrias, unless they also have heart, lung, kidney, or liver disease and/or are receiving immunosuppressive therapy or chemotherapy for non-porphyric diseases, are NOT at increased risk for contracting Covid-19 infection, nor at increased risk for adverse outcomes if they do.


Generally, there is no evidence that any vaccines cause particular problems in people with porphyrias. As a general rule, we therefore recommend that patients with any type porphyria receive vaccinations, in accordance with established guidelines, and under the care and follow-up of their personal physicians.

It is the unanimous opinion of the expert physicians of the Porphryias Consortium that it is important for all porphyria patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations , unless their personal physicians have indicated that, in their particular medical situations, not including porphyria, vaccination is not recommended.


COVID-19 updates related to Porphyria from the APF and Porphyrias Consortium can be found HERE