Find Your Shadow 2019

  • Thursday, August 22, 2019

Last week the APF sent the McKillop Family to the “Happiest Place on Earth” through our Shadow Jumpers program! This deserving family of five was able to take advantage of all the parks had to offer “VIP style”! With thoughtful planning, Morgan (EPP) was able to stay protected from the sun while having a once in a lifetime experience. Morgan especially loved the thrill rides and took total advantage of the disability fast pass, which reduced her waiting times in the sun and reflective pavement. The family also had a special VIP tour guide, Meagan, who ensured that Morgan was taken care of and always positioned out of the sun. Though the weather was mostly overcast, during the sunnier times the family was able to shadow jump through stores, they only had to break out the sun umbrella ONCE! The family suggests taking mid-day breaks in order to avoid the worst of the sun and regroup.

The APF was overjoyed to hear all about the McKillop’s vacation and thrilled to have been a part of making it happen! We are already looking forward to Find Your Shadow 2020!