Porphyria Crossword

  • Friday, August 2, 2019

Test your porphyria knowledge with this crossword puzzle! Email your answers to Edrin Williams, at edrinw@porphyriafoundation.org, and the first FIVE winners will receive an APF drawstring bag!

2. Meaning of the greek word for Porphyrus
5. A major symptom of acute porphyria is severe pain in the ___
6. Patients with EPP, CEP, VP, and HCP must avoid this
10. Common nickname for AIP
14. There are ____ types of porphyria
15. Most rare type of porphyria
16. One of the two classifications of porphyria
17. Contains essential documents and instructions for acute patients visiting the ER

1. Read these on the APF website to learn about other patient's experiences
3. The Porphyria's ___ is made up of 6 porphyria centers and 3 satellite centers
4. Important dietary component for someone with acute porphyria
7. APF office location
8. Essential for the transport of oxygen to cells in the body
9. The APF sends physician ____ packets to train doctors on porphyria
11. A clinical ___ is used to evaluate the effects of medical treatment
12. A ___ disease affects fewer than 200,000 people in the US
13. The only FDA approved treatment for acute porphyria