Stay Up to Date Through Social Media

  • Thursday, February 27, 2020

We are all busy with our daily lives but that doesn't mean you can't keep up with the latest porphyria developments. The APF has many ways to connect via our website and numerous social media platforms.

The American Porphyria Foundation Website

Simply the best source out there for expert information on porphyria. The APF website is a tremendous resource containing detailed explanations of the porphyrias, safe and unsafe drug listings, informational materials for patients and medical professionals, blogs, news updates, merchandise and much more!

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The APF Facebook Pages

The APF Facebook pages are designed for patients to connect with the porphyria community. With groups designated for porphyria types, research information, international community, in addition to our main shared group, members can exchange information that is unique to them. The Facebook site also contains the latest porphyria news and updates affecting our community.

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APF on YouTube

It's not just for teens! The APF YouTube channel hosts many informative videos including, patient stories and industry updates.

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APF on Twitter - @Porphyria_Help

Need a quick way to catch up on porphyria news? Check out the APF Twitter page. Twitter is a great way to quickly see events and to share thoughts with others in the APF community.

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APF on Instagram - @americanporphyriafoundation

Instagram is another quick and easy resource for catching up on porphyria news and sharing thoughts with the community. You can even access Instagram through your Facebook account.

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The APF Weekly E-News

If you are reading this you are already aware that our E-news – the Porphyria Post – is a great resource. Spread the word and let others in the porphyria community know that the very latest developments - including news on clinical trials and Porphyria Awareness Week - are sent through the APF E-Newsletter.