Safe/Unsafe Drug Database

This database contains expert assessments of the potential of drugs to trigger attacks of acute porphyria (AIP, VP, HCP & ADP) based on the available evidence. However, this evidence is not always complete, which may lead to some degree of uncertainty. The information in these databases is meant as guidance to health care professionals. It must be made clear that the prescription of drugs to a patient with acute porphyria is entirely at the risk of the physician in charge.

The information provided on the Safe/Unsafe Drug Database pertains only to the risk of an attack of acute porphyria associated with medication. General safety issues should be reviewed with a medical provider before a medication is taken.

Please note that these drugs are based on reports from patients and physicians. They may change as evidence is submitted to the APF and validated by physicians. The APF cannot validate any of the drugs nor do we have staff on board who have this expertise.

APF Safe/Unsafe Drug Database

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The database contains expert assessments of the potential of drugs to provoke attacks of acute porphyria and is intended for use by health care professionals. Compiled by Bo Zhou and Peter V. Tishler, M. D., Channing Laboratory and Genetics Division, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA.

Report a Bad Reaction

If you have an Acute Porphyria ( aip, hcp, vp, adp) and have experienced a bad reaction to a Medication, please report it to the APF by calling Toll Free 866- APF -3635 or emailing Please be prepared to describe the reaction. If photographs can help describe the reaction, please send the photos to


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