CEP/ADP Day 4 #ASK ME ABOUT PORPHYRIA Update on Justin Hamilton

  • Apr 21, 2020

Todays CEP Warrior update is from Justin Hamilton. Over the years that the APF has gotten to know Justins ups & down with CEP. With his Wife Holly Hamilton & his two kids, faith family and friends Justin can remain positive and provide for his family despite having CEP. Here is an update:


Update on Justin’s CEP- Justin is still fighting constant eye problems due to cep. We have learned that using sunglasses that have padding around on the inside helps more than regular sunglasses. He still fights with sores and blisters, he uses a lotion called Renew that really helps heal his sores faster without leaving as much scarring. He also takes filet vitamins and collagen. Wearing gloves when out and keeping your hand and face covered as much as you can are key. During this pandemic it’s also been important to stay home as much as possible especially with someone who already is compromised. Hope all of your are staying safe during this time. Remember you are not alone, and can always reach out to Justin and I even just to vent, for advice, or really anything.

-The Hamilton’s

We have only a small community with CEP getting them help with medications and trials that work. We need to hear from YOU.. If you are in the CEP community PLEASE write your story you are not ALONE! Let us hear your stories one by one to see what your needs are in the USA or in other countries! The APF stands with YOU!