• Thursday, March 25, 2021

Have you ever felt drained if you took a break during a long stretch of mental work?


I cant even imagine working and having Porphyria but many these days need to work, just to pay for the necessities.

Many of us lately and will continue to work from home.  In doing so you need to take breaks and often.  There really isn't an exact amount of rest that works for everyone.  Studies show you may want to recharge for a few minutes every 1-2 hours.

Why you may ask?

Some people like to use something called the Pomodoro Technique.  Here's how it works:

1.  Set a timer for 25 minutes.

2.  Focus on one task the whole time.

3.  Take a 5-minute break when the timer goes off.

4.  After the fourth25 minute block, take a break for 15-30 minutes?


Repeat until your task is done (or your workday is over).


Drop a few lines to tell me how it works for you.  I am not endorsing this method.  I am going to try it to.  Work can get demanding unfulling and never ending.  Break it up a little if it works for you maybe your work environment will adopt this method.  In the USA alone people work extra hard with out a daily siesta.  Here is my tip for the week.


Amy Chapman AIP Patient