Rare Disease Day 2020 is this Saturday 29 February!

  • Feb 28, 2020

Rare Disease Day 2020 is this Saturday 29 February!


Tomorrow is Rare Disease Day, the day to raise awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives and their families.


We are excited that the 13th edition of Rare Disease Day will see events take place in 100 countries around the world, with 2 new countries joining the campaign this year: Kosovo and Gabon!


The rare disease community and its supporters will share the message that: Rare is many. Rare is strong. Rare is proud.


And you? How are you planning to raise awareness?


Even the smallest actions count! You can share the editable and adaptable materials that have been translated and used around the world. You can join a local event. You can make a donation to a rare disease organization. You can join the online discussion using #RareDiseaseDay and follow the action live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can share your story with your community here on American Porphyria Foundation social media. You can help others that have been recently diagnosed by giving them support and answering their questions...


As you'll find out, there are many ways to participate, here are just a few: https://www.rarediseaseday.org/article/get-involved


Happy Rare Disease Day everyone!