Thinking Positive During 2021

  • Jan 11, 2021
  • Written by Amy Chapman

How To Stay Positive During 2021

I was thinking just this winter day that some may be cold, sick, working hard for there families just to get by or looking for employment, and some may suffer from the blues or depression.

With each day that passes by the information were receiving can be overwhelming you don't want to watch the news,  you close up mentally or physically because your not as active before the pandemic so what do you do to keep your mind healthy and stay physically healthy to?  Here are some things I do daily.

Mentally- Take time to fully enjoy something you love. Unplug disconnect, or whatever you need to do so that distractions don't change your frame of reference that you are in a happy place that you chose to enjoy. Let the chaos of the world fade away and do your best to ignore it.

Physically-  Turn up the music, slip into something comfortable.  In your town or city laws if you can jump out side several times a day with your mask, keep your distance from others, bring your sanitizer, bring a snack.  Go for a walk, enjoy the fresh crisp air.  Take time to look at the trees, animals or mountains even the water, lakes, ocean.  If you have a companion ask them to join you.  Do you have a pet? Encourage them to go for a walk by them a toy and play with them.  I also exercise or swim indoors safely.  One last idea is to pick up a new hobby, have you always wanted to build or design something?  What about taking extra time to be with your kids? Zoom with friends or family.  

Those were just some of the ideas that popped in my head today! Share with us what your doing! I hope that your doing your best its not easy to just get by, keeping your head above water. Stay positive  & safe my friends where ever you may be.