Tips for when you are sick

  • Jan 18, 2021

If you suffer from a cold, allergies, a rare disease, or even COVID below are some tips on how to feel better.

Always ask your Physician first.  

When you are sick, someone you love is sick you both just feel miserable.  On the one hand if your sick you may not have any energy to do a thing.  When you have a family member or friend that is sick often you feel hopeless.

Here are some key reminders that you can do.




1. Listen first, then respond.

When sick you may want to be left alone for a few days.  Then wonder does anyone know Im sick do they care?  Some times the sick person has to reach out to let others know.  (Don't take it personal if they are unware.)  


2.Take on their to-do list.

If you know if some one is sick can you wear a mask and run their errands, take their dog for a walk go to the grocery store, offer to pick up their meds.


3. Bring food and drinks.  (Offering is a kind gesture)

Give your friend a call and let them know you'll be at the store and happy to pick up items that they may need or unaware that they are running out.  Stick to your offer and leave it at the door.  Flowers or a card could be included.


4. Do something simple they love.

If you are a friend can you listen to them over the phone, make them feel better brighten their day with a smile over the phone.  Send them a funny card in the mail. Laugh, play a zoom game, share stories. 


5. Give them space.

Last on my list is give them their time and space to heal,

Don't rush or judge when they should be better by.  Support them!!! 


To the one who is sick take your time in getting better.  Wear a clean mask do what you can when you can and never feel bad about asking for any help.