Updated COVID Statement for APF & PC Dr. Wang

  • Dec 28, 2020



Generally, there is no evidence that any vaccines cause particular problems in people with porphyrias. As a general rule, we therefore recommend that patients with any type porphyria receive vaccinations, in accordance with established guidelines, and under the care and follow-up of their personal physicians.


It is the unanimous opinion of the expert physicians of the Porphryias Consortium that it is important for all porphyria patients to receive the COVID-19  vaccinations , unless their personal physicians have indicated that, in their particular medical situations, not including porphyria, vaccination is not recommended.


The APF remains open and available to support your needs and questions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact 866-APF-3635 or general@porphyriafoundation.org.


1. Wash hands frequently

2. Wear a face mask

3. Social distance properly