Caregiver Support Forum

The American Porphyria Foundation offers a Caregiver Support Forum. A caregiver is anyone who is responsible for the daily needs of another person. Caregivers can be a friend, spouse, life partner, parent, sibling or other family member. The APF understands that anyone supporting another who is living with porphyria may need additional resources. The Caregiver Support Forum strives to provide a space to ask questions, share advice, experiences and provide a sounding board for those going through similar circumstances.

We want to hear from you. Contact the American Porphyria Foundation or email us at for more information.

Warren Hudson

Warren Hudson, who serves on the APF Board of Directors,  leads our Caregiver Support Forum for those who help their loved one cope with porphyria. To read more about Warrens story as a caretaker for a loved one with AIP click here.

We respectfully request that only caregivers of patients in the active process of diagnosis or with a diagnosis of a porphyria participate in this group.