Porphyria on the Radio

Health Professional Radio Interview

Desiree Lyon Howe, APF Executive Director, was given the opportunity to enhance porphyria awareness by participating in a live radio interview with Health Professional Radio. Desiree spoke on the acute hepatic porphyrias, raising patient and physician education, misdiagnosis and much more. Additional interviews included our very own Sharon Dill and Evelyn Jacobucci. Thank you!

Health Professional Radio is an online radio/podcast network targeting 35K global healthcare professional listeners with a focus on "news and talk" geared toward a range of healthcare professionals across specialties and with a range of clinical experiences (including residents, nurses, and MDs). The show includes interviews with experts and everyday people on important health topics; some content is clinical, some management orientated, and some lifestyle orientated.

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Sharon Dill:


Evelyn Jacobucci: